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TV-4 HD / UHD Remote Production Vehicle

TV4 w Tractor.png

Touring Video’s TV-4 is a 53’ expandable video production trailer featuring an extra large control room with three rows of production consoles for creative personnel and is designed specifically for the entertainment industry.  The futuristic interior provides an exciting change from the typical remote television production truck.


TV4 features a Sony XVS-7000 6-ME (3-ME in 4k/UHD) multi-format production switcher which includes: four built-in DMEs, internal frame store, 112 inputs, and 48 assignable outputs.


TV-4 can accommodate a variety of aspect ratios including: 4096 x 2160 - 4K Cinema, 3840 x 2160 - UHD, 1920 x 1080 - HD, & 1280 x720 - HD with formats that include:  2160/59.94P/2SI/3G-A, 1080/59.94P/3G-A, 1080/59.94i, 1080/29.97PsF, 1080/23.98PsF, & 720/59.94P. We offer several HD & UHD recording devices including: AJA Ki-Pro Ultra, AJA Ki-Pro Rack, Sony XD-Cam, and EVS XT3.


The audio room features a spacious mixing booth with a Studer Vista X 42-fader, 120 mono / 40 stereo input digital audio console.  Also part of the Studer infrastructure are several MADI streams for Pro-Tools and other multi-track interfaces.  Outboard gear includes Waves Server Extreme Sound Grid with plugins including Dugan Automixer, Sound Devices 970 MADI recorder, Lexicon PCM-96 outboard Reverb unit and Sound Byte audio playback interface.  The audio matrix also interfaces the large variety of show communications that every event depends on, including master intercom panels, wired belt-packs, wireless belt packs, 6-channels of IFB and 4 Telos phone interfaces. 

Engineering and Tape:

16   Sony HDC-4300 UHD 4K Camera Chains (capable)
24   Record Decks (capable - format varies)
1     Playback Pro Quicktime File Based Player
1     Ki-Pro Go H.264 Quad Recorder
2     Buf Technologies VTR Controller
12   SX-Pro Multi-Split Generators
26   LCD Tape Confidence-Monitors
1     Sony 30” BVM-X300 UHD/HDR OLED Video Control Monitor

2      EVS XT3 HD 6-Ch. Video Server *(available upon request)

1      EVS X-File*(available upon request)

Production / Monitor Wall:

1     Sony XVS-7000  3-ME Multi-Format 4K Switcher
2     Boland 32” UHD 4K Program / Preview Monitors
18   Boland 15“ HD Camera Monitors
72   Source HD Monitors (18 Harris QVM quad splits)
3     Boland 9” HD Monitors


1     Studer Vista X Digital Audio Console (120 inputs)
1     Studer Digital Audio Routing Network
2     Genelec 8240a DSP Near Field Audio Monitors
2     Lexicon PCM-96 Reverb FX Unit
1     Waves SoundGrid Extreme Plug-In Server

1     64 Channel Dugan AutoMix


1     Riedel Artist 128 Digital Intercom Matrix Frame
6     Riedel 1028 Master Intercom Stations
14   Riedel 1012 Master Intercom Stations
3     Riedel 1016 Desktop User Stations

*(some items at an additional charge)


4     Riedel Micron Decentralized On-Stage 12x12 Routers

4     AJA FS4 4K Frame Synchronizers

2     AJA FS-HDR Frame Synchoronizers
1     Barco Image Pro HD Scan Converters
2     Tektronix WFM-8200 4K UHD Waveform Vectorscope
2     Imagine Communications  Waveform Vectorscope
1     Imagine Communications 576x1024 IP3 Router

1     Image Video Tally Matrix System

1     18 x 32 Fiber I/O

1     Ross Xpression Graphics *(available upon request)


7     17” Boland P2 & P3 HD Monitors
2     Sony OLED HD LD Monitors w/Router Head
3     TSL Personal Audio Monitors
1     Genelec 8030a Audio Monitoring System
1     Image Video UMD Display System


1     Sound Devices 970 64-Channel MADI Recorder
3     17” HD LCD Video Monitors
4     Telos Telephone Interfaces
1     Sound Byte Audio Playback Interface

1     Pro-Tools 64-Ch System *(available upon request)


12   Channels RTS Intercom
6     Channels of IFB
-     Toshiba Strata Multi-Line Telephone System
-     Wireless Intercom Systems *(available upon request)


Overall Dimensions:    Length: 53 feet (stand-alone)   72 feet (with tractor)       /      Width: 8' 5" feet (travel)  13' 5" feet (expanded)


34' B-unit travels with TV4

P12 Bolero.jpg

Riedel Bolero Wireless Intercom System *(available upon request)

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