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Touring Video’s Specialty Camera Division offers creative solutions for that distinctive shot.  Whether you need a wired or wireless rail-cam, stabilized or standard remote head, POV cam, or an automated dolly-cam system, our experienced specialty camera engineering crew will make your vision a reality.

BlackCam Vignette_edited.jpg

Blackcam - Railcam Systems

Touring Video offers unique perspectives for remote-controlled camera angles previously unreachable with conventional camera cranes, jibs, or standard remote systems.

BlackCam P2.jpg

Our customized Blackcam B40 remote-controlled camera dolly system can be installed above, below, in, or around a stage or set to deliver dynamic camera movement and tracking shots. An over or under slung camera seamlessly integrates with the action without obstructing talent or set elements. This versatile track system is available with linear, circle, and curved sections in both natural aluminum, and satin black finishes.

Blackcam dolly system with under slung camera head configuration on the set of "Master Chef"

The Newton S2 stabilized remote camera head provides precision camera positioning and can be configured with the Blackcam remote dolly for fully wireless operation with up to 360° per second unlimited camera panning , triple-axis gyro stabilization, and wireless data link for reliable remote operation.

Blackcam dolly system with Newton S2 stabilized head in fully wireless configuration for "The Masked Singer"

Touring Video's Camera Control Station completes the total-solution. Smooth dynamic operation of the remote camera is achieved with our propitiatory hybrid control system offering intuitive camera and motion control. Full monitoring and communication panel keeps the operator connected to the production team.

Blackcam - Control jpg_edited_edited_edi

Remote Camera Control Station provides full production monitoring, communication and camera control.

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Remote Pan & Tilt Head Systems

Talon Robo Head 2024_edited.jpg
Talon P2 2024_edited.jpg

FR7 Cinematic PTZ Camera Systems

FR7 Specs_edited.jpg
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