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TV-2 HD Remote Production Vehicle

Touring Video’s TV-2 is a 48’ mobile video production trailer featuring...


Overall Dimensions:                Length 48’ (stand alone)                Length 67’ (with tractor)           Width 8.5’ (non expando)  

Power Requirements:             150 amps  3 phase Cam-Lock       Truck is fully isolated and regulated

Engineering & Tape:

10   Sony HDC-2500 HD Camera Chains (capable)
16   AJA Ki-Pro Recorders (capable)

1     Blackmagic H-264 Hyper Deck Mini Recorder
1     Playback Pro Quicktime File Based Player
1     Sony BVM-E250 25” OLED VC Monitor
2     Tape Operator Multi-View 32” Monitors
1     EVS XT3 6-Ch. HD Server *(available upon request)

1     Ross Xpression Graphics *(available upon request)

Production / Monitor Wall:

1   Sony MVS-6530 HD 2-ME Switcher 
3   Boland 32” UHD 4K Program / Preview Monitors

4   Boland 55“ UHD 4K Source Monitors


1   Stagetec Crescendo Digital Audio Console
1   Riedel MediorNet MADI Digital Routing System
2   Genelec 8341 SAM Near Field Audio Monitors
1   Waves SoundGrid Extreme Plug-In Server


1   Riedel Artist 32-Node Frame
4   Riedel 1232 Master Intercom Stations
9   Riedel 2318 Master Intercom Stations
3   Riedel 2312 Desktop User Stations

*(some equipment at an additional cost)

1    Sony 30” BVM-X300 UHD/HDR OLED Video Control Monitor
1    AJA FS2 Multi-Processors
4    Riedel Micron Decentralized Routing System 
2    Leader Waveform Vectorscope
1    Riedel MediorNet Decentralized Routing System
36  Riedel Muli-Viewers
1    Human Interface Tally Matrix & Control System

4   17” Boland P2 & P3 HD Monitors
2   Sony OLED HD LD Monitors w/Router Head
1   K-Array Audio Monitoring System


1   Sound Devices 970 64-Channel MADI Recorder
3   Boland 24” HD LCD Video Monitors
1   Nexus TrueMatch 56 Ch. Fiber Stage Box

1   Pro-Tool 64-Ch. System *(available upon request)


4   Riedel 1016 Desktop User Panels

12 Riedel C3 Intercom Belt Packs
6   Channels of IFB
-    Wireless Intercom Systems *(available upon request)

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