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Covid Solutions

In today's new and complex way of trying to continue with event production, Touring Video has come up with several solutions that keep productions operating at a high level while keeping the cast and crew socially distant.

TV-4 Acrylic Dividers & UV Protected Air Conditioning  


Our Premier Truck, TV-4, has been outfitted with commerical grade UV Germicidal Plenum lights to kill bacteria and viruses that are inevitably in the air around us.  These UV protections ensure the air circulation in the truck is as clean as possible.

Also as part of social distancing, acrylic dividers have been installed in the control room to minimize contact between crew.  In the front row the TD and Director are isolated.  The second row has protection from the front row and has LD and producer isolated.  Finally, the third row has protection from the second row.  See the pictures to the left to get the feel of these new dividers.  They are hard to see, but that is the point!!  

Remotable Control Rooms for larger productions

Another tactic we are providing is to offer remote control rooms in combination with one of our trucks or trailers.  This works out in that engineering, audio, and video are in the truck while TD, Director, Producers, LD, Prompter, Etc are on stage where they are able to be spaced out more effectively.  Right is an example of one such control room with dividers between each position. Every situation can be custom sized based on the amount of people needed.

Touring Video MCR with Home Kits and Encoding Capability
Home Kit Pic.png

Touring Video's new MCR (Master Control Room) was built specifically for the challenges of Covid productions.  Located in Burbank, it provides everything needed to bring in and send out feeds anywhere in the world.  This is accomplished through various methods of encoders/decoders, Skype boxes, Zoom interfaces, and our custom built Home & Host kits.  These home kits (pictured left) use Ionoco's proprietary 

technology to minimize delay, making it ideal for two way interaction.  At the MCR is also a host room, where your show's host can have a more professional environment rather than the typical "at home" look.  From there the rest of the shows cast can come in remotely and the show can be cut and streamed smoothly.  Please see the MCR section under the FlyPacks / Control Rooms section in Services.

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