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Touring Video’s specialty camera division offers creative solutions for that distinctive shot.  Whether you need a wired or wireless rail-cam, stabilized or standard remote head, POV or an automated dolly-cam system, our experienced specialty camera crew can make your vision a reality.


Blackcam remote controlled rail cam system featuring the Newton S2 stabilized camera head that can be flown or ground supported. Our straight and customizable curved track offers new opportunities for breathtaking shots. 


For fixed location Pan & Tilt cameras, we offer a full range of remote heads. Combined with the same broadcast camera as the rest of the show, matching your look is never a problem.


For those places where size matters, our POV cameras can be hidden in locations where they won’t stand out to the viewers.


Our eMotimo dana dolly is for the small form camera when a low angle moving shot is dersired.

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